Excel LaunchPad


A couple years ago I had a job that required lots of Excel development. As a consequence, I usually had more than one Excel workbook open at a time. Sometimes I liked having all the workbooks open in the same instance of Excel. But at other times, I really needed each workbook open in its own instance. For one thing, this allowed me to display two workbooks at the same time, each using a different monitor. For another, if my VBA code crashed, it would only take out that one instance of Excel, leaving my other workbooks safe. So I got into the habit of launching a new instance of Excel by using my quick launch icon, closing the blank workbook that opened along with it, then dragging the excel file I wanted to open into the new instance’s window.

No big deal, right? Well, after doing that over and over again on a daily basis for over a year, it got old. I wanted to be able to just right click an Excel file, and launch it in a new instance. One-two. Thus, Excel LaunchPad was born to do just exactly that. Very handy if you happen to use Excel with any frequency. And it works on any Excel compatible files—CSV’s included—regardless of which version of Excel you use, as long as you’re running XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

Happy user? Get the Pro version!

LaunchPad is available free of charge, but if you use it with any frequency you’ll want to get the Pro version. This will disable the reminder window that is displayed after each use. Click the button below to buy a license. It’s only $5.00 $0.99!

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you try before you buy because your purchase does not include support! A ‘Pro’ license will disable the nag window that pops up after each usage – nothing more.

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